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  1. ALIAS'

If I have missed any "hints" of how to ease game play, please email me with the information.



Are your friend's names too long?  Know people who play on a different galaxy?  Alias is the way to go. 


In your chat box type:

/alias Nickname /t Name


Example:  Friends name is LaurnaRose from the Tempest Galaxy.


Same Galaxy alias would be:  /alias Laurn /t LaurnaRose

Different Galaxy alias would be:  /alias Laurn /t Tempest.LaurnaRose


Then, to communicate with these friends, you merely have to type /nickname rather than their whole name.  Ex:  /laurn 



You can communicate to alternate galaxies via chat or email.  To do so, simply type GalaxyName.CharacterFirstName.  Galaxy name and character name need to be separated with a period and no spaces, and the galaxy name is case sensitive, but the character name is not.


You can also communicate between SWG and other SOE games' characters by typing /t GameAbriviation.Server.Name.  For instance, /t EQ2.Befallen.Anobabylon would let you talk to Li'Annah's main character on EQ2.  If you are playing another SOE game, you can communicate with your friends in SWG the same way. 

If you have an existing character who's UI you are fond of and find it frustrating to reset a UI for every new character you create, then this hint is for you. 
  1. In order to transfer one character's UI to another, you simply need to go to your Sony/StarWarsGalaxies/Profiles/{AccountName}/{ServerName} folder of the existing character and copy all of the files in that folder. 
  2. Then, you need to back out to the target {AccountName}/{ServerName} folder and paste.  The only files you may want to leave the same are the {numericidentification}.chatlog.txt and the {numericidentification}.friend_data.iff files. 
  3. Okay, now that you have the old characters profile files in the new characters profile folder, choose one of the new characters files (remind you, you will have had to logged in the new character at least once for these files to appear), right click and choose the option, "RENAME". 
  4. Once the file name is accessed, copy ONLY the numeric identification (the long string of numbers preceeding the file type) then exit out of editing the file name w/o any changes.
  5. Delete all of the files with that numeric identification number that you are wanting to change.
  6. Rename all of the old files replacing the old character numeric identification number with the new one by simply highlighting the number string and hitting ctrl+v (or right click then "paste") but leaving the file extention the same.
  7. Log in your character and the UI will be the same as the character you used as it's template UI.



  1. Open your options menu with "O"
  2. Keymap (bottom button)
  3. Chat tab
  4. Scroll down to “Chat Edit Copy” and highlight by using left mouse button.
  5. Rebind command
  6. Press and hold in order “ctrl+c” (w/o quotes)
  7. Ok
  8. Scroll down to next 2 chat options ("Chat Edit Cut" and "Chat Edit Paste") and repeat the above steps using "ctrl+x" for cut and "ctrl+v" for paste.

Now you should be able to copy text from your desktop word program (i.e. Microsoft Word/Notepad) and then ctrl+v to paste them on any game interactive text system (i.e. mail, macros, chat), as well you will be able to ctrl+c any highlighted interactive text (i.e you cannot copy mail sent to you unless in forward/reply box, you cannot copy chat box unless it is what you are currently typing and have not yet sent, you cannot copy macros unless you are in the editing process) and paste it into your desktop word program (Microsoft Word/Notepad). 


If you cannot get this to work, you can open your "notepad" folder in your SWG folder under program files and copy/paste directly into the SWG notepad.  Then, when you get into the game, you will be able to open the notepad using /note and the copied text will appear.   Until you are able to get the ig copy/paste functioning, this will only allow you to read or alter text within the notepad.


(Submitted by Andrew T.)


If you are running on a slower computer (ie, comp with less than 1g ram), then you may sometimes experience very long periods of lag, usually like 20 seconds long.


THIS IS NOT BECAUSE OF A CROWDED SERVER!!!  It's because there is a memory problem with
the game itslef that causes it to store all the
graphics data for every city you have been to. For instance, if you are in theed, and you starport to coronet, then shuttle to tyronet, you now have ALL the graphics data for ALL 3 cities! To dump the previous graphics, type the following (case sensitive):

/flushgraphicsresources Fullreset


This will clear your ram of all the graphics data, making you run smoother.  There will be no system message to let you know that the flush worked, however, you experience a short pause while the computer dumps the
previous graphics.



Right click on tab you are wishing to modify (i.e. you want to add guild chat to your spatial chat box, you will left click on your spatial chat tab).

Go down to “Modify” and left click that option.

A new box will appear with a two lists.  One list on left which represents chat styles available to be added to channel being modified, and one list on right which represents chat styles which are currently being used by the channel being modified.  Between these two lists are connection arrows ( <<  and  >> ).  If you highlight an option on the left you will have to click the >> arrows to add it to the list on the right. 


Example:  Modify spatial to show IM, group, and guild chat messages (most common modifier to chat channels)

  1. Right click on spatial tab
  2. Left click on “Modify”
  3. Highlight “Instant Messages”
  4. Left click highlighted >>
  5. Highlight “Group Chat”
  6. Left click highlighted >>
  7. Highlight “Guild Chat”
  8. Left click highlighted >>
  9. Ok

Now, you can see spatial, /tell, group, and guild text all in one box.


In order to “speak” in group from spatial simply type /g before your text. 

In order to “speak” in guild from special, simply type /gu before your text.

Frustrated much?  Well there are a few guidelines to follow when deciding on the name for your droid on top of the actual proceedure.  Doing either incorrectly will result in the name not taking. 
What is in a name?
First thing to know is that the only acceptable characters for a droids name are alphabetical (lower case or capital A-Z) and dashes ( - ).  No numbers or any other symbols may currently be used.  Now that you know what you CAN use for your droids name ... you can use up to and including but not more than 15 characters to name your droid.  Also, you will need to keep in mind that the filter will reject certain names.  Example:  I tried naming a droid "Angel" and it was rejected.  Naming it "Angal" however did work.  So you may have to try alternate spellings of your name or a new name all together if the name you are wanting fails. 
Spot, stay!!!
How do you teach your droid its name.  Well, just like any other animal of course.  You need to tell it its name along with a command ... four commands to be precise.  The easiest way to do this is to hit enter and then the up arrow.  Enter activates the chat box, and the up arrow will recall the last thing you typed in your chat box.  So if you type "Spot st" then to give that command again, you would enter then up arrow then enter again. 
Now for the actual training.  You will need to ready your droid unit, which will automatically call your new droid; or if this is a droid that was traded to you out of someone else's data pad, you would simply choose "Call" from the radial menu for that droid.
Type in your droids desired name and a command (ie.  Spot st) and hit enter.  Be sure that the name you wish for your droid has a space afterword AND a simple command (Proper:  Spot st     -      Improper:  Spot or Spotst).  You will need to follow these three steps precisely when naming your droid.
  1. Access the radial menu on your droid and go to the "Program" tab.
  2. Choose any one of the commands (usually easiest to choose either the first or last one when naming a droid).
  3. Once you see the ? either above your droid's head or in your spatial chat window, hit "enter", "up arrow" then "enter" again to que the naming text (ie Spot st).
You will repeat these three steps for 3 ADDITIONAL commands (they must be DIFFERENT commands, not all the same one - ie.  "Store", "Group", "Stay", "Befriend" not "Store" x 4).  Now, if you followed the instructions correctly and have chosen an acceptable name for your droid, you will see the name above its head change immediately.
If this does not happen then you have either chosen an inappropriate name, there is an unacceptable character in the name, or you programed the name incorrectly.  If this occurs, the best thing to do is to try the same name one more time to be sure that it was not a program error.  If the name still doesnt take, then try a simple name such as "Bob" as I know this name works.  If "Bob" takes, then you know it is a name/character error.  If it does not take, then go over the naming instructions again as it is a program error.
Once you have gotten your droid's new name to take properly, be sure to go back and program all of its commands the to the way you wish your droid to respond. 

There are several ways to name a structure.  The easiest to figure out, of course, would be the radial "Set Name" and then type in the name you want your structure to be.  Simple.  However, there are fancier ways to do this.  That simple way of naming your structure can also be done by simply targeting the structure management terminal (or the structure itself if you are naming a harvester/factory) and typeing /name The New Name For The Structure.
If you want to jazz it up to the max however, you will want to add color and multiple lines.  Now I have not tested the maximum characters allowed in a structure name, but I do know that there is a limit.  I am unsure if it is a per line limit or if it is a total character limit.  So you may have to "play around" with it a bit. 
To jazz up your structure's name using color codes and mulitple lines, simply open up your IG /notepad (/note works as well).  You will type in the name you want your structure there.  If you do not know color coding, here is a great resource site to get you started - Complete HTML True Color ChartKeep in mind that although I do not know the exact number of characters or lines you can use in naming a structure IT IS LIMITED.  So do not go to wild with it. 
Sample Name:
This is My House
I Love My House
Get Away From My House
Now, what you do not see in this sample is the coding for the colors.  It is there, but the name will appear as the final product will on your house sign.   This is the typed text that the sample represents (<enter> is the enter command, not a typed text). 
\#ff0000This is My House <enter>
\#00ff00I Love \#ff00ccMy \#00ff00House <enter>
\#0000ffGet \#ffffffAway \#000000From \#ff900cMy \#ff00cc House
Now that you have typed in the name that you want, you will use the copy/paste commands to get it into the "Set Name" box on your structure managment terminal (SMT).  If you do not know how to copy/paste, please scroll up to the section titled "Copy/Paste" for instructions.  You will want to start from the bottom of the name and highlight up so to be sure to include the color code at the beginning of the name.  Once highlighted, use your programed "copy" command. 
Now you will open the "Set Name" box using the "Set Name" function on the radial menu of the SMT.  Once this function box has opened, you will use your "paste" command to incert the desired naming text.  Simple as that.  Be sure to check the sign outside of the structure that the text is displayed properly. 
Keep in mind that multiple lines will automatically be centered when displayed.  So there is no need to try and "line them up" when typing in the name to your notepad. 
Also, remember that when you type a color code at the beginning of a new line, the cursor will appear to go up to the previous line.  DO NOT TRY AND CORRECT THIS or you will find yourself starting all over.  It will actually start the text on the following line ... I swear it.  So just roll with it. 


WARNING:  Do not install the game from disc a separate time.  The launch pads function off the SOE system, not your computer.  You only need one copy of the game on your computer in order to open the launch pad.  However, you do need to own additional copies of the game in order to have additional characters on one galaxy, or in order to run multiple SWG accounts.

Go to Program File for SWG; usually in C:\ProgramFiles\StarWarsGalaxies

Find CLIENT.CFG file in the SWG Main file and copy it, placing a second copy into the same Main file (when pasted, second copy should say Copy CLIENT.CFG or CLIENT.CFG Copy)

Rename the copy to USER.CFG

Open USER.CFG with notepad.

Delete entire text inside when you open it and replace it with this text exactly (case sensitive)(minus any carrots added due to forwarding).





Save file. 

Right click on the file and select properties.  Select READ ONLY and save again. 

Load in your first toon.

Once 1st toon is loaded in, alt+tab out of game and open up the launch pad.  This time load in your second toon. 





Running multiple instances of SWG will

increase the lag factor.  /duh






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