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Some of the listed macros ran on the Pre-CU Pre-NGE versions of SWG and will no longer apply to current professions.


I am always searching for helpful macros.  If you do not see a macro on here that you think is beneficial, please feel free to email me or send it to me in an IG email to any one of my characters. 

Basic Macro Information
1.)  All macros MUST end with the "/macro [macro'sname]" text if you wish to loop the macro or trigger a different macro following that macro's completion.
2.)  Macros tend to be fickle creatures.  If you have any troubles getting any of the following macros to run, double check capitalization, space placement, and be sure that every macro'd line begins with a forwardslash ( / ) and ends with a semicolon ( ; ).  Spatially spoken text is the only exception, these do not HAVE to begin with a forwardslash.  However, it is generally good measure to place a /say, /g, /gu, /shout, /yell, /recite, /rap ect before any spoken text to be sure that it will be recieved in the proper chat channel.
3.)  To stop a "looping macro" simply type /dump in your spatial chat box. 
4.)  To obtain a list of all in game commands, type two forward slashes // in your spacial chat box.  Note that some of these commands can only be used by CSR and Devs.  But it is a good place to find typed commands for the aspiring macro maniac. 
5.)  In any of the following macros, when you see [brackets], that means there are either multiple options to put in place of [text/text/text] and the options are listed inside of the [brackets] or that it will be a "fill in the blank" sort of deal where you have to type in a name or word.  When actually typing out the macro for use, you will chose one of those options or place a name/word and ommit the [  ] from the beginning and end.  Ex:  /harv {hide/bone/meat} would be /harv hide, /harv bone, or /harv meat.
6.)  In any of the following macros, if you see "XX" you will need to replace it with a cooresponding toolbar slot number.  Toolbar slot numbers are 00 through 12 in representation of keys number 1 through =. 

Combat Loot/Harv.Resource
(This macro was designed preCU, however some aspects of it may still be useful in the NGE version of the game.)
Macro Name:  CombatLootHarv
/ui action targetSelf;
/ui action cycleTargetOutward;
/pause 10;
/pause 15;
/loot all;
/harv [hide/bone/meat];
/macro CombatLootHarv;
Ommit line 10 if you are not using this for animal resource gathering.  As well on line 10, choose either hide, bone, or meat.  The line will actually look like this in the macro - Ex:  /harv hide;

(Macro is currently functioning in game)
Macro Name:  craft or craft1 - craft4
  1. Keep in mind if you are using numerous crafting tools in your grind, you will need to have one macro for each tool.  Therefore, you may choose to name your macros craft1, craft2, craft3 ect.
  2. Make sure each line is opened with a forward slash and closed with a semicolon just in case I forgot one lol.  Any time you see an "XX" in the macro, the "XX" will need to be replaced with a corresponding pane or toolbarSlot number (00-12). 
  3. Before starting your macro (craft1 will be your starting macro and all previous macros will automatically be triggered if you follow my instructions) you will need to open ONE of your crafting tools.  Be sure you are opening a crafting tool of the same type you will need to create your item.  Manually select the item you will be using throughout your "grind".  You do not have to create the item, just get as far as the screen where you are asked to incert material then cancel the crafting process before incerting any materials.  By doing this, all future crafting sessions on that type of tool will automatically choose that same item until you manually chose another item to be crafted, use another tool, or log out.
  4. The following is the macro for your craft1 macro.  The last line in macro craft2 will be /macro craft3, /macro craft3 will end with /macro craft4, and so on.  The only difference is that the last macro you have set up (which will depend on how many crafting tools you use) will have the last line of /macro craft1 to loop the crafting process.
  5. The second line in each macro will be /ui action toolbarSlotXX where XX = the toolbar slot in which the current crafting tool is located.  Toolbar slot numbers range from 00-12 representing 1 through = keys.  To make this as least complicated as possible, I usually will place my craft1 macro in toolbar key slot 1 (code 00) and my crafting tools in the slots immediately following (code 01 through 04).
  6. Also remember that THIS MACRO DOES NOT PRODUCE ANY ITEMS.  It does use resources and gives you xp, but it does not produce items.  So, if you are grinding for xp ... this is perfect.  If you are wanting to make items, you must either "hand craft the items", or you must remove the words "practice no item" from the /createProtoType lines in the macro.  That will allow you to use the same macro and actually get product from it.  However, you do get more xp if you are only practicing. 

  7. Finally, this macro does not incert resources/components for you.  You will need to be ATK to use this macro.  Auto incertion of materials is against SOE guildines and rules of conduct as it requires illegal third party programs. 

The following set of macros is for a four (4) crafting tool grind.  You will have to make them each separate macros.  If you choose to use less/more crafting tools through your grind, you will need to make some alterations.  Just remember that the last macro in your set will need to have a last line of /macro craft1 in order for the series to loop and the last line of each macro will need to have /macro craftX to trigger the next crafting tool where X = the number of the next craft macro.  Also keep in mind that /pause times will vary depending on the item that you are crafting and how many crafting tools you are using.  I personally have had a crafting grind macro set of up to 6 macros/tools in order to keep my /pause times as they are in the following macros.  This is the most productive /pause times for xp.


/ui action toolbarSlot01;

/pause 01;

/ui action defaultButton;

/pause 04;




/createPrototype practice no item;

/createPrototype practice no item;

/pause 01;

/macro craft2;



/ui action toolbarSlot02;

/pause 01;

/ui action defaultButton;

/pause 04;




/createPrototype practice no item;

/createPrototype practice no item;

/pause 01;

/macro craft3;



/ui action toolbarSlot03;

/pause 01;

/ui action defaultButton;

/pause 04;




/createPrototype practice no item;

/createPrototype practice no item;

/pause 01;

/macro craft4;



/ui action toolbarSlot04;

/pause 01;

/ui action defaultButton;

/pause 04;




/createPrototype practice no item;

/createPrototype practice no item;

/pause 01;

/macro craft1;

Dancing/Music Macro
(Macro is currently functioning in game)
Thank you Fragpuppie (SWG Forums) for help with fine-tuning this section.
Macro Name:  danceroutine
Macro Name:  musicroutine
/start[dance/music] [dance/music type's name]; /pause 05; /flo 1; /pause 08; /flo 2; /pause 08; /flo 3; /pause 08; /flo 4;  /pause 08; /flo 5; /pause 08; /flo 6; /pause 08; /flo 7; /pause 08; /flo 8; /pause 08; /macro [danceroutine/musicroutine];

Some musicians perfer to do 2 flo's per 10 seconds.  This is the optimal rate of flo'ing for BEST XP.  You will actually play all the flourishes as most Music flourishes are 5 seconds in length or less.  Even if they do not play within the 10 second period, music flourishes stack in a cue to play later.  This cue can accept 5 flourishes every 10 seconds, and does not have a cap to how deep the cue is (not verified).  Stopping music will clear it instantly.  Here is a 2/10 flo macro. 


/startmusic [music type's name]; /pause 05; /flo 1; /flo 2; /pause 10; /flo 3; /flo 4;  /pause 10; /flo 5; /flo 6; /pause 10; /flo 7; /flo 8; /pause 10; /macro musicroutine;


You can type in /changedance [dance name] (/change [dance name] also works for this command) or a /changemusic [music name] without stoping your macro to change the style of dance/song you are performing.  Just remember that when your macro is cued again, unless you have changed the macro text, you will start performing using your previously macro'd dance/song. 


MUSICIANS:  If you are wanting to put on a performance where all the musicians are playing the same song, any musician in the band who is currently playing can /changeband [name].  Example:  /changeband Starwars1 will make it where everyone in the band is playing Starwars1.  It should also be noted that if someone "/change"es to a song a group member cannot play then that member will stop.  As well, it should be STRONGLY noted that if someone does a "/change" AND there is a group member holding an instrument who is NOT playing (and its changed to a song they can play) then that person will start BUT be bugged so they cannot flo or gain XP.  This happens to anyone in group even if they are sitting OR dancing and have an instrument equipped.  This is known as the "/change bug" and causes great grief in entertainer groups. 


DANCERS/MUSICIANS:  You can get everyone to in your group to the same florishes as you by typing /bandflo [1-8].  If you do not want to accept bandflo's, simply type in /bandflo off or, simularly, /bandflo on to accept them.  This works great at parties.  For music you can also target /bandflo to specific instruments.  So if you "/bandf 1 Fizzz" then only those playing a fizzz will do that bandflo.  All others will not do any flo.  Note  I abbreviated "/bandflourish" to "/bandf".  The instrument can be abbreviated also so "/bandf 2 b" will do flo 2 for all bandfills.  Only Fizzz and Fanfar need a second character to target them.

Doctor's Buff Macro
(preCU - Prof Removed NGE)
/healenh health;
/pause 17;
/healenh strength;
/pause 17;
/healenh constitution;
/pause 17;
/healenh action;
/pause 17;
/healenh stamina;
/pause 17;
/healenh quickness;
/pause 17;
/say Thank you and enjoy!;

Doctor's Heal Macro
(preCU - Prof Removed NGE - though may work for medic but not tested)
Macro Name:  heal
/target [name];
/pause [your use limit time];
/macro heal;

How to set up your harvesters/factories with the touch of a button!!!

(Macro still functions as intended with factories - however, as harvesters no longer allow access to admins other than their owners this macro can only be used to name/pay/power harvesters )

/pay [Amount]; /addp [Amount]; /name [Insert Name of Harvester/Factory]; /setPerm Admin [Name]; /pause 02; /structureStatus

(Pays maintenance, adds power, sets harvester's name, gives player admin to structure, checks final status of structure after set up)


For additional administrators, simply repeat the "/setPerm Admin [Name]".  If you add yourself to the macro so you can use the macro for all characters, it will not hurt anything.  This simply will give you a message informing you that the owner cannot be removed from admin to the structure. 


Remember if you are using this macro to add additional maintenance or power, take the / off the setPermission line so as not to remove your administrators.  Because of this, I find it easiest simply to type /addp and /pay in chat bar with the structure targeted after initial setup is complete.


***Do not forget the semicolons ( ; ) at the end of each /commandstring!!!)

Image Design Macro


(This set of macros has not been tested since prior to CU)


This is not a completely automated macro!


Anything inside [brackets] means you will change. 


[self|victim] you will either type your character’s name, or the character’s name whom you are ID’ing. 

[self] you will type your character’s name.

[35|65|245] you will enter the number that corresponds with session timer (explained further in step explaination).


In these cases, the [brackets] will be omitted off the beginning and end of the word. 


ID’rs Macro –

Macro Name: id


/target [self|victim];


/t [self] WAKE UP; /pause 02; /t [self] WAKE UP; /pause 02; /t [self] WAKE UP; /pause 02; /t [self] WAKE UP; /pause 02; /t [self] WAKE UP;

/pause [35|65|245];

/ui action defaultButton;


/pause 10;


/macro id;

Step 1 – Targets toon to be ID’d

- /target [self] when ID’ing yourself (lower gains/increases wait time, but works when you don’t have an alt or a friend willing to help with the xp)

- /target [victim’s name] when ID’ing a victim (friend/alt/willing participant)


Step 2 - Initiates session


Step 3 – Acts as an alarm to alert you that it is time to select your ID session.

Step 4 - This is when you should choose your changes to be made – This step can no longer be done with a macro, so you will have to manually choose the change.  The rest of the macro is automatic. 

THESE TIMES REPRESENT TIMERS INSIDE OF A SALON!!!  If you are using this macro outside of a salon, you will have to adjust the /pause time accordingly as listed in the last note. 

- use /pause 245 when doing Stat Migration (nov ID) – 2k xp 4 min wait, but gives 200 xp more per minute than eye color change.

- use /pause 65 when modifying eye color – 300 xp/1 min wait.

- use /pause 35 when modifying cosmetics – 100 xp/0.5 minute wait.

- *** STAT MIGRATIONS (SM's) CAN ONLY BE DONE IN A SOLON!!!  Eye color changes (or any body alteration) outside of a salon will take a /pause 125 and cosmetic changes outdide of a salon will take a /pause 65.


Step 5 - Commits changes


Step 6-8 - Action to prevent auto logout


Step 9 - Loops macro

Victim’s Macro 1 –

Macro Name:  victim1


/ui action defaultButton;

/pause 01;

/macro victim1;


This macro commits to the changes and loops every second so the person being ID’d can go afk and still accept the changes. 

Victim’s Macro 2 –


Macro Name:  victim2



/pause 600;


/macro victim2;


This macro is an action macro to avoid auto logout. 



You cannot chat while using the ID macro, as it shifts the focus from the ID window to the chat window, making the defaultbutton go to the wrong place, unless you manually click on the commit button at timer.

Looping Berserk

(Macro not tested since prior to CU and unknown if this skill still exists)


Macro Name:  berserk


/taunt self; /berserk; /pause 20; /macro berserk;

This macro avoids berserk failure, then lets you stay berserk to avoid wasting your mind.

For Creature Handlers, I have found it is helpful to use:

/enragepets; /taunt self; /berserk; /pause 20; /macro berserk;

Loot Macro

(Macro is currently functioning in game)


/loot all


(Loots all items off corpses) - Yes, it is a simple macro, but it can be very helpful.  This helps to eliminate radial/double-click looting and the loot window from popping up.  You simply recieve a notice that you have completely looted the corpse (unless you are in a group).

Merchant Macro (preCU)


(Macro is currently functioning in game, but without purpose)


***NOTE***  Please note that this macro does not yeild XP since the NGE.  Technically, there is no current use for this macro.


Macro Name:  merchxp



/ui action cycleTargetNext;

/ui action vendorUse;

/pause 5;


/ui action defaultButton;

/pause 55;

/macro merchxp;


First, type in the macro.  After this is done, you'll want to deselect anything you have targeted (left click on a wall where there are no items to target) and disconnect from the server (log out comletely – to the desktop) and come back. 


When you get back, go through all vendors you wish to xp off of in a line and merely click on them once each.  Do not access the vendors; simply target them.  After this, target nothing (left click on a wall where there are no items to target) and click to deselect any targets. 


This will allow you to go afk while you examine vendors over and over again resulting in merchant experience.  You can also share this macro with your friends and ask them to stand afk and run the macro on your vendors for added xp.

The Ultimate Sample Macro(s)


(Macro is currently functioning in game)


Macro Name:  enter


Enter - Removes those pesky "you have found ... what do you want to do?" boxes when they pop up.


/ui actionDefaultButton; /pause 01; /macro enter;


Macro Name:  sample


Sample - Just in case you are interrupted while you are AFK, this ensures that you will continue to sample after the interruption.


/sample; /pause 300; /stand; /pause 05; /macro sample;


Run both macros at the same time.






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