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Looking for a new home on Talus or Corellia in the BRIA galaxy.

O-4-O MoLUE O-2-O
MoLUE is a guild that prides itself on the social aspects of Star Wars Galaxies.  Made up of entertainers and traders, MoLUE strives to bring the galaxy together through entertaining events, interior design, personal imaging and product sales.  MoLUE will constantly strive to bring live entertainer events to the BRIA Galaxy for player "fun" content.  Please feel free to email Li'Annah with any live event ideas you may have or wish to sponsor in your city.  We look forward to seeing all of you at future events. 
All entertainers and traders are welcome to join MoLUE who are able to devote some of their game time to the events as planned, and are a social creature who enjoys above all entertaining the masses.  Traders will be allowed to maintain at least one vendor inside the MoLUE guild hall or cantina, we just ask that you keep any vendor you place well stocked.
All new members will be asked to submit a real life photograph to the guild leader (which, unless otherwise requested, will be posted on the guild's main webpage) or to arrange a voice conversation with any of the guild officers to prevent any gender misrepresntation within the guild.
MoLUE Code of Conduct:
1.)  If asked directly by any Bria citizen, I will disclose my real gender honestly.
2.)  I will respect all guild mates and aspire to keep peace and harmony within the guild.
3.)  I will respect all clients and prospective clients of MoLUE.
4.)  I understand that all Bria citizens are prospective clients of MoLUE.
5.)  If there is a problem I am unable to solve between myself and a fellow guild member, I will address the issue with a guild officer in hopes of resolving the problem.
6.)  If I choose to respec my profession I will notify a guild officer immediately.
7.)  Above all else, I understand that my position in MoLUE is to have fun and bring fun to the rest of the galaxy.
Please feel free to contact Li'Annah in game or via email to inquire about guild membership or event planning.

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ATK April Fool's Day 2006

I am constantly trying to improve the information contained on this website.  If you have any macros or information that you feel would help a new player better understand the world of SWG, please feel free to click on any one of the numerous email me links throughout this website and email me your 2 cents.  As well, I always accept information via IG emails to Li'Annah. 
MTFBWY, and thanks for all the fish.






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